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– Sports is always a hot topic with the male audience, but these books strive for equal coverage of women (where appropriate). Minority players are featured prominently wherever possible.
– Features include m ni-bios on 5-7 players per sport (except for Extreme Sports, which is broken down by sport rather than player), photos, sidebars, fun facts, a glossary, resources.
– Exciting on-site photography and short, punchy text put the reader where the action is.
CURRICULUM STANDARDS: Grades 5-8 Standards for Social Studies
– Compare similarities and differences in the ways groups, societies, and cultures meet human needs and concerns.
– Articulate implications of cultural diversity, and cohesion, within and across groups.
Time, Continuity, & Change
– Identify key concepts such as chronology, causality, change, and conflict to explain connections among patterns of historical change and continuity.
– Develop critical sensitivities such as empathy and skepticism regarding attitudes, values, and behaviors of people in different historical contexts.
Individual Development & Identity
– Relate such factors as physical endowment and capabilities, learning motivation, personality, perception and behavior to individual development.
– Identify the influence of perception, attitudes, values, and beliefs on personal identity.
– Identify examples of stereotyping, conformity, and altruism.
Individuals, Groups, & Institutions
– Demonstrate understanding of role and status in describing the interactions of individuals and social groups.
– Analyze group and institutional influences on people, events, and elements of culture.

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